Origins and Lexicon


Pashto language, Pashtu additionally spelled Pashto, additionally referred to as Pashtu, member of the Iranian division of the Indo-European cluster of Indo-European languages. In-depth, borrowing has caused Pashtu to share several options of the Indo-Aryan cluster of the Indo-European languages additionally. Originally spoken by the Pashtu folks, Pashtu became the national language of the Asian nation in 1936. It’s spoken by over thirty-five million folks, most of who reside in Asian nation or Pakistan. Smaller speech communities exist in an Asian nation, Tajikistan, the United Arab Emirates, and also the UK and people have an interest in hearing Pashto songs.

Scholars have found it troublesome to achieve agreement concerning specific claims regarding Pashtu’s origins. notwithstanding, it’s clear that the speech community’s location in an exceedingly oppose a part of the traditional world instigated in-depth contact with, and borrowing from, different languages, together with forms of Hellenic, Saka, Parthian, and Persian. Pashtu additionally converged with the northwestern Indian languages, particularly the Prakrits, Balochi, and Sindhi. From these languages, Pashtu noninheritable retroflex sounds (sounds made with the tip of the tongue curled against the roof of the mouth) and some five, 550 loanwords.

Grammar and Literature

The sentence construction of Pashtu is appreciating that of Hindi. Not like Persian, however, as within the Prakrits, the Pashtu noun comes once the adjective and also the individual precedes the possessed within the genitive construction. The verb usually agrees with the topic in each transitive and intransitive sentence. The associate exception happens once a completed action is reported within the tense. In such cases, Pashtu forms area unit constant as Hindi forms: the verb agrees with the topic if it’s intransitive and with the item if it’s transitive.

Pashto is written with a changed Arabic alphabet. The earliest literary type is poetry; Muhammad Hotak’s Pata Khazana (1728–29; “The Hidden Treasure”) may be an assortment of Pashtu poetry from the eighth century onward. The national writer of Asian nation, Khushhal Khan Khattak (1613–94), wrote spontaneous and forceful poetry of nice charm. His grandchild Afzal Khan was the author of associate the early history of the Pashtu.

The slight changes that denote loanwords from the Prakrits, Sindhi, and Iranian language area unit usually quite simple to spot. as an example, Gadi ‘a cart’ in the Sanskrit language is rendered as manioc in Hindi and gadai in Pashtu. Likewise, the term for ‘male buffalo’ is rendered sand in Hindi and sanr in Pashtu. variety of words area unit identical in Hindi, Sindhi, and Pashto, together with Sadak ‘road,’ peda ‘a sweet,’ and khirki ‘window.’ The Pashtu language has additionally borrowed words from Tajik (a style of Persian) and Uzbek (a Turkic language); examples embody ruai-jirga ‘a common platform’ and ilghar ‘attack.’ variety of Arabic words or their Persian zed forms have additionally been assimilated into Pashtu, as have many Persian verbs. The sound /n/ of Persian is replaced by /l/ in Pashtu.

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