Learn to Swim – Good Coach Does Not Mean Good Swimmer


Sometimes during the swimming lesson, my students will ask me if I am a good swimmer. When I heard this, I ask them about the definition of good swimmer. To me, I believe I am just an average swimmer Lifeguard classes who knows how to swim four strokes. I believe my answer has been standard as most of my students have asked me the same question before. My reply to them was I am not considered a good swimmer; I am just an average swimmer. In my opinion, those who have represented clubs or countries are considered good swimmer. They feel surprised about my answer and pondered why.

I will always relate other sport like soccer to them to let them have a clearer understanding of what I mean. My favourite example is Manchester United club who is coached by Sir Alex Ferguson. During Sir Alex soccer player career, he is not considered to be any famous footballer. However, as a coach, he is well-known to lead Manchester United to great height bringing glory and honour to the club. When the students heard this, they have a clearer picture of what I said. However, I do emphasize that I believe that I am a good coach.

I will relate my experience as a non swimmer at the age of fourteen. During my swimming adventure, I struggle to learn swimming as I do not have any swim coach to teach me. My friends are my mentor in swimming. My students are surprised to hear that as majority of them thought that as a swim coach myself; I have got myself a swimming instructor during my young ages. However, things do not only work well for me I believe. When my friends taught me breaststroke, I only have the luxury of collecting bits and pieces of techniques from them. After completing the jigsaw puzzle of the techniques, Lifeguard classes I managed to devise out my own breaststroke. As a swim coach, I have the opportunity to relate what has happened to me to my students. Thus, I believe that I am a good swim coach. Moreover, during this few years of coaching, I have coached non-swimmer to swimmer, water phobia person to swimmer and other which I firmly believed that I am a good coach.

A good coach is hard to come by compared to a good swimmer. Does good coach equal to good swimmer? I believe you have the answer. Most importantly, have fun while swimming.


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