Does the Post Office Still Deliver Mail? Hardly!


It is becoming extraordinarily difficult to mail a letter these days, even supposing nearby transport is handiest expected. America Postal provider has degraded to such an extent that they now routinely throw ‘undeliverable’ and ‘return to sender’ stickers on a huge proportion of letters. It does not count number what kingdom you’re in and what type of letters you’re mailing. The submit office is now an enemy of small business and ordinary oldsters. In truth if you need to mail whatever to anywhere, beware of the recent occasions transpiring everywhere in the united states of america.

Do not get me wrong; in phrases of our publish workplace being as compared to the uninspiring postal services in international locations around the world, we are near the top in performance. Horrifying thought because sadly this is a international in which there are whole nations which include Nigeria, Egypt, Spain, Russia and Greece that automatically lose mail on big scales. Folks who need some thing brought in these nations both need to pray their letters or parcels get to the recipients, or use non-public companies such as Fedex or UPS, which can be luxurious. Therefore the bar is so low in phrases of performance that it is now on the pathetic stage. To definitely deliver the mail in any time frame is a undertaking in recent times. Being the high-quality in this industry then isn’t any accomplishment to say the least.
American residents used to believe in our publish office. Benjamin Franklin who’s the founding father of the primary organized national submit office on the earth, could roll over in his grave if he knew how his liked postal provider has devolved.

Background and Founding of The U.S. Postal machine

On July 26, 1775, individuals of the second Continental Congress, assembly in Philadelphia, agreed “. . . That a Postmaster trendy be appointed for america, who shall preserve his workplace at Philadelphia, and shall be allowed a salary of one,000 greenbacks according to annum . . . .”
In this day, Benjamin Franklin became appointed Postmaster standard, the primary appointed underneath the Continental Congress. He could serve in this publish, shaping our Postal offerings until November 7, 1776.
The Motto of the submit office is:

Neither snow nor rain nor warmth nor gloom of night time stays these couriers from the rapid completion in their appointed rounds.
This motto is explained on the submit workplace’s primary internet site. The beginning of the motto as explained by way of them is as follows:

This inscription changed into furnished via William Mitchell Kendall of the company of McKim, Mead & White, the architects who designed the big apple fashionable post office. Kendall stated the sentence seems inside the works of Herodotus and describes the expedition of the Greeks towards the Persians underneath Cyrus, approximately 500 B.C. The Persians operated a system of installed postal couriers, and the sentence describes the constancy with which their paintings changed into achieved.

The Motto no longer suits – fact

Is there anybody who has revel in the usage of the postal offerings on this nation who likes their overall performance? I assume now not. One in all my groups is a C.M.R.A., which stands for industrial Mail Receiving corporation, and i have a unique attitude on the internal workings of this inefficient relic of the past that we call the post office.

Right here is an excellent example just this past month on how properly they deliver mail. One of my places of work is located in Florida and we mail the worker paychecks to that workplace. We’ve got had issues with the publish office going back to 1996 after I began up successfuloffice.Com. Our court cases span years. Final week we had enough already as worker paychecks keep getting lower back stamped “addressee not recognized, return to sender”. This will be humorous if it weren’t so sad, but I truely made a video that will be up on YouTube rapidly showing the publish office letters again with their stickers. Do a seek there for ‘The put up workplace Stinks’ imagine if you will your own organization sending you your paycheck, and the publish workplace returning it stamped undeliverable. Our supervisor then is going to the local workplace which is located in Pompano seaside Florida and complained. They say all is first-rate so we re-mail the exams with out starting them to preserve the postal stickers on them. 3 weeks later they arrive lower back another time with another stamp on it saying addressee unknown. Is that sad or what? I had to Fedex the paychecks down there and then had the supervisor go into the submit office to open the letter with the return to sender sticker on it, which additionally now contained the second letter also with the go back to sender sticker on it.

Knowing this is occurring, I recommendation anyone to not use the post workplace if viable. They’re now at document stages of inefficiency and really do now not care approximately delivering the mail. Why have to they as personnel inside the gadget can not even be fired except they kill someone. I recognize as I tried to have one such manager fired. I escalated it all the manner to our nearby Congressman who stepped in for us in Florida 3 years in the past. In spite of Congressional pressure the offending supervisor turned into given the all too common ‘paid depart’ for a month to cool matters off and prevent a lawsuit. I did manage to arrange among the nearby companies, everybody prepared to confront the submit office legally. We have been even told she become let go to placate us into not suing, only to see this person return to the put up workplace to harass buyers just one month later!
So here we’re once more, within the same function. In this day of videotape and audio I assume it’s time we all stand collectively and take motion. The put up workplace is a criminal monopoly. Midtown NYC post office hours No personal corporation can also deliver normal mail, most effective special delivery gadgets that united statesand Fedex and different private vendors may additionally supply. It’s far an archaic socialist device this is demise, and costing the humans of this country billions of wasted dollars a yr.

Can all of us say Privatize?

The publish office will by no means cross for it. They recognise and feature seen that if any personal company have been allowed to compete with them, they will lose. That is the way of the sector. Non-public organizations are constantly between 30 – 60% extra efficient than some thing run by using the government. That is why in case you need something despatched overnight, you would have to be crazy to apply the post workplace’s subsequent day service. We used them once and observed out that 25% of the time their next day service took 2 days. A few assure is not it?
Personal corporations are the way to head, and the submit workplace have to end up green or it’ll hold to lose an increasing number of of our tax greenbacks every yr, whilst now not even delivering the mail. It’s time all of us get up and say sufficient already.

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