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When talking regarding clarity in diamonds we must always have in mind that we have a tendency to square measure talking regarding imperfections. So, by decision making however imperfect our diamond is, we have a tendency to square measure determinant what clarity class our diamond goes to suit in. There square measure many scales that serve the aim of classification of gems per clarity however here we are going to discuss the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA’s) word.

Clarity is one amongst the foremost infamous properties once it involves estimation of diamonds by the typical consumers. Therefore, once unsure, don’t hesitate to raise your jeweler to point out you specifically what the issues of the stone square measure, even though you’ve got to pay your time exploitation the jewelers light microscope. The experienced customers can pay your time examining several stones at completely different places before creating up their mind.

As diamonds are literally crystals similar the other mineral structure, they need flaws among their lattice. These will vary from invisible purpose defect and dislocations up to visible (under magnification) imperfections, and generally even to the oculus. Most of the blemishes occurred throughout the natural forming of the crystal, however a number of them will be artificial, as an example, throughout the cutting and sharpening procedures. generally if the defect aren’t massive, they’ll slightly have an effect on the flexibility of the crystal to transmit and mirror light-weight, however if the inclusions square measure sizable, they will considerably lower the clarity 鑽石等級 and have an effect on the visual attractiveness.

One of the foremost oft encountered defect is that the pinpoint – a little white dot on the surface of the diamond. Carbon is (not astonishingly since diamond could be a modification of carbon) a typical companion, forming little surface black dots. Still, this defect is a smaller amount common than the primary one. little breaks among the structure square measure known as feathers and may lower the clarity ratings, however if they happen to be of larger proportions, there’s a possible drawback of their growing and obtaining larger over time. moreover, the diamond stone might not be one section, during which case there’ll be little grains of separate diamond clusters among the larger diamond matrix. alternative sorts of blemishes embrace clouds, cleavage, knots cavities, polish lines and scratches.

The clarity scale goes as follows:

FL stands for fully perfect,
IF for internally perfect (there may well be some surface blemishes during this category),
VSS1 and a couple of for terribly terribly slightly enclosed. VSS1 is given to a diamond once sleuthing some minor flaws by a talented critic below magnification of 10x whereas observant it from bellow. VVS2 is given once identical holds whereas observant the diamond from higher than, that is, staring at the therefore known as table aspect.
VS stands for terribly slightly enclosed. As compared to VSS, the imperfections within the VS1-2 hierarchic diamonds square measure visible not solely to the knowledgeable, however conjointly to the non-consultants with a 10x light microscope.
SI1 and SI2, signify slightly enclosed or slightly imperfect, during which case the issues square measure even additional simply detected with a magnification of 10X. the bulk of diamonds offered these days exchange these 2 classes, SI1 and SI2. The SI stones square measure thought to be the most effective compromise between worth and clarity.
If the imperfections square measure visible with the oculus, the grading label is I1, I2 or I3.
A matter of concern (in regards to clarity) once buying diamonds is that there square measure stones with unnaturally improved clarity. sometimes they’re referred as “clarity enhanced” diamonds. whereas this procedure greatly improves the clarity of the stones, the matter is that their sturdiness is reduced as compared to the untreated diamonds. try and avoid such stones whenever attainable.

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