About TrichoPigmentation Paris


Clear as mud? I believed therefore. jesting aside, Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is basically like having a tattoo inked on your head. Natural pigments are applied to your scalp. once done properly the procedure can replicate the looks of hair follicles on the scalp, whereas natural strokes on the brow space can replicate every individual brow hair. the top result’s implausibly realistic and sometimes life-changing. one in every of the largest advantages I see in ATP is its flexibility and therefore the numerous vary of patients and eventualities it will be utilized in. Here are simply a few:

  • Thinning Hair: making the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.
  • Receding Hair: building upon a recessive hairline.
  • Around the Scalp: making the design of a practical absolutely whiskerless head.
  • Cover Over Scars: activity disfigurement or unpleasant markings.
  • For Eyebrows: achieving a natural, full-some look.

Now, as a facet note, i used to be really the primary person to own the (similar) SMP (Scalp small Pigmentation) procedure broadcast carry on The Bald Truth radio show, therefore i used to be needing to compare apples with apples and see what all the fuss was regarding with ATP. My goal was threefold. I wished to be ready to:

  • Wear my hair shorter.
  • Increase the general density of the donor region.
  • Thicken up the looks of my crown greatly.

Is ATP Permanent Of Semi-Permanent?

In the past, I even have seen hesitancy amongst several blokes once it involves similar treatments like SMP. clearly patients ar involved with the extent of length, with several wanting the treatment to be temporary, with the choice of it attenuation over time. as a result of if it’s not what they require, then it won’t be there forever.

The real distinction on behalf of me with Advanced TrichoPigmentation Paris is that, once done properly by associate intimate technician, World Health Organization has a creative interruption. Superior ink quality. And attention on associate individual’s distinctive characteristics, the top result very will look fully natural. On a private level my transient to the team at The Harley Street Hair Clinic was to mix density with my very own hair to supply a natural shadow result. Because, let’s face it, you’ll be able to ne’er have an excessive amount of of the nice stuff! i used to be confident by the that ATP was the right treatment to assist produce the illusion of density and shadowing and supply coverage of my scar, however would conjointly modify my hair transplant to seem very good.

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